Friday, January 16, 2015


Welcome to Fine Art Hacks!

I've realized over the years that being a successful artist is not just about painting or sculpting.

From the moment a piece is completed to the day it is shown in a gallery or sold, a lot of behind-the-scenes work must take place. It can be exhausting to keep good records of each piece. But once the piece is sold (or damaged or lost), it's gone.

I will be presenting my tips for organizing, documenting, and presenting each of your art pieces in its best possible light. This will be a collection of my fine art workflow hacks, such as:
  • Tricks for photographing art of all sizes
  • Post-production editing of artwork photos in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Cataloging and using metadata, keywording, tags, etc. efficiently
  • Matting and framing hacks
I don't know all the answers, of course. I'll be experimenting and documenting my adventures. Part of the point of this site is to help me get better at artwork photography, presentation, and documentation.

If you have tips or advice, feel free to comment or contact me. I would love to exchange tricks of the trade with other artists.

There's so much more to come. Stay tuned!

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